La Paz

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La Paz


230,078 Population
800 Miles from the International Border
82° Avg. Temp.

La Paz was founded by Hernán Cortés in 1535. It has been the capital of the State Baja California Sur since 1829, and is lately becoming a favorite spot for tourists. This is due to its beautiful serene beaches, wonderful restaurants, great shops offering duty-free items and excellent diving and sportfishing activities.

With the longest history of any settlement in the Californias, La Paz has probably had the most turbulent one. But in spite of its challenges, it has managed to evolve from a “sleepy” little port into a vigorous, modern state capital.

This port is located between cactus-covered foothills and the cactus-covered shore of beautiful Bahia de la Plaza – largest bay on the west side of the Gulf of California. Although its current population is just over 176,000, there is a small-town atmosphere here. The architecture is charming and very typical, but perhaps the most valuable asset this port has for a tourist is the tranquility that is acquired just by being in La Paz.

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