Pat Tyson

Pat Tyson

Pat Tyson

2010-11 Pulitzer Prize

Our very own Pulitzer prize is presented to Pat Tyson for her dedication to Traveler Publications since the start—some 13 years ago. Traveler Publications has been promoting the Best of Mexico in its annual glossy presentations and distributing them all over the world ever since.

Pat taught college journalism for ten years at San Diego State University, and joined San Diego Home/Garden magazine when it was first published in 1979. For 25 years she was a contributor to the magazine on a variety of topics, until she created the “Lone Chef” column and learned the art of cooking from, and wrote about, many great chefs.

As Executive Editor, Pat has written for Traveler Publications since the beginning, in 1998. Her long-term involvement has entailed traveling to many wondrous spots in Mexico to interview people, attend events and gather data. “The journey by train through the spectacular Copper Canyon was unforgettable; the dolphins cavorting around the boat in the Sea of Cortés—thrilling,” said Pat. She has never ceased to be enchanted by the people, cuisine and scenic beauty of Mexico.

Pat has also traveled to Acapulco for the annual famed Tianguis Tourism events. “The energy at these events is incredible, both at the convention center as well as at the after parties in the various mansions,” said Pat.

“Pat has been a delight to work with—since the start,” commented Mayté Rodríguez Cedillo, Chief Executive Officer of Traveler Publications. “Her enormous talent, intelligence and enthusiasm have nurtured me intensely over the years. Baja Traveler and Mexico Traveler would not be where they are today if it wasn’t for the devotion of Ms. Pat Tyson.”

“As I started Baja Traveler, I was blessed by living close to Pat and Jack Tyson… I was a constant dinner guest at their beautiful home in La Mesa where we had long conversations about the direction the magazine should take. I will never forget those days and the advice I received,” said Mayté. Since Jack’s passing, Pat moved to the east coast to live with her daughter, Penny, and is now enjoying life there while helping to raise her granddaughters, Hope and Abby.

“We applaud Pat’s outstanding contributions and support to Mexico’s tourism and to Traveler Publications—and in turn to the tourism industry of Mexico, and we share and celebrate their mission to educate and promote the very best of Mexico,” said Mayté, who presented the award to Pat. “Traveler Publications is dedicated to promoting the best of Mexico and distributing its publications all over the world, and Pat has played a central role.”

Thank You Pat and May God Bless You for Many Years to Come!!!

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