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1,800,000 Population
Located along the International Border
66° Avg. Temp.

Experience the delights of Tijuana, the most visited border town in the world, where centuries of tradition and modern technology come together. Located along the Baja California coastline, Tijuana offers great weather, luscious cuisine, and first class night clubs.

Tourists will find an amazing selection of merchandise from around the world, along with arts and crafts of México. Internationally known as the “free zone,” Tijuana offers numerous bargains in the city’s shopping centers. Tourists can acquire numerous artifacts, rustic furniture, wines, liquors and clothing.

The city offers an extensive variety of activities that include golf courses and bullfights. Tourists can also spend a day at the planetarium or at the numerous museums. Tijuana offers the opportunity to visit nearby tourist sites like Rosarito and Ensenada to enjoy the beautiful beaches and peaceful settings.

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